Our approach

We at KSS Constructions Group Ltd don’t like to be referred to as simply ‘Contractors’ we like to think of ourselves as ‘Stakeholders’ as we invest in your stock. We invest our time, our energy and our reputation into your stock. We represent you to your clients and tenants. In an age of modern technology, we still believe the best form of advertising is recommendation. The majority of our clients approached us following a recommendation from another one of our clients.


Our aim is not only to maintain buildings; we intend to develop communities where we work. Our vision is to create brighter futures and enrich the lives of the communities we work with.

Our drive


How it all started

KSS Constructions Group Ltd has a ‘Right First Time’ approach to all works that are undertaken to ensure minimal recalls on any work. We acknowledge that recalls cost money and inconvenience. Our target is to complete 97% of work without any recalls. Our current statistics show less than 1% recalls.


At KSS Constructions Group Ltd, we believe that our clients deserve a personalised service. We customise our services according to our client’s needs.


From the boardroom to the building site, we recognise the importance of ensuring our employees are engaged, motivated, and have the right skills to do their job to the highest possible standard. We are proud to say that our workforce is passionate, skilled, capable, caring and honest.

KSS Constructions Group Ltd is an upcoming market leader in housing management and planned and responsive repairs to the London housing industry. KSS Constructions Group Ltd was born in 2012 and registered as a limited company in 2015 when professionals working in different fields of housing for decades started thinking differently and found that there was a missing link in London’s housing industry. The missing link became a challenge. The challenge was to provide a tailored service to clients but at a fraction of the cost of large construction companies, focussing on value for money for clients.


These professionals thought deeply about how to overcome this challenge and provide a service which is second to none at a cost which is affordable. The solution was to create a revolution, which was named KSS Constructions Group Ltd!


KSS Constructions Group Ltd is a responsible company. We promote energy efficient solutions to our clients, from light bulbs to lavatories and baths to roofs. All our work is in accordance to Part L of the Building Regulations. Where possible, we will always endeavour to exceed the minimum requirements.


We promote our clients to consider opportunities to include sustainability measures which:


  • Reduce energy use

  • Improve the thermal comfort of residents and reduce heating costs

  • Take advantage of low carbon energy sources such as renewable energy and waste heat

  • Mitigate impacts of climate change (e.g. increased temperature variability and flood risk)

  • Conserve water by using showers and low volume taps and toilets

  • Preserve and enhance bio-diversity by providing and protecting habitats

  • Combine multiple benefits – for example Green roofs have biodiversity, fabric improvement and climate change adaptation benefits


We are committed to ensuring that our planned works makes a positive contribution to biodiversity.


In addition, we believe that the most environmentally and socially responsible products and services should be used, consistent with good performance. Some examples of our best practices:


  • Only legally sourced (such as FSC certified) timber will be used.

  • Materials, with significant environmental risk during their life cycle will be avoided where possible.

  • Selection procedures will be used to ensure that consultants and other stakeholders have awareness of environmental issues and expertise in sustainable construction.


For any inquiries, questions or comments, please call: 0203 633 3618 or fill out the following form


Head Office



298 Gray's Inn Road




Tel: 0203 633 3618

Email: customerservices@ksscg.com

To apply for a job with KSS Constructions Group Ltd, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: MD@ksscg.com

KSS Constructions Group Ltd. Registered Address: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX. Company No 09437045. Registered in England and Wales. VAT No 208 587 780.

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Our specific areas of expertise include: Housing Management, Housing Repairs, Maintenance & Improvements and Contract & Project Management. Our goal is to create a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our clients. We can take the hassle and cost of employing in-house contractors or contract managers out of your organisational spend.  The management staff have experience in arrears management, unlawful occupation, assignment of tenancies, housing law, project management, planning, building control regulations as well as experience in taking legal action including serving Notice of Seeking Possession, Court Applications, Witness Statements and Court Attendance for various breaches including access injunctions.

A key area we specialise in is Capital Works; we have a dedicated team for renewal projects where our team can take the lead and deliver the programme on your behalf. From updating the electrical wiring of your housing stock to full refurbishments, we have the expertise and the workforce to deliver large scale programmes. We have Resident Liaison Officers who will take on the responsibility of being the first port of call for your tenants and negotiating with the operatives. A Project Manager will take on the responsibility of overseeing the work and ensuring that all work has been completed to the agreed technical standards and in compliance with CDM regulations and guidelines. 

KSS Constructions Group Ltd has a varied client group and a very diverse workforce. This has provided us with invaluable experiences which have helped our business grow rapidly. We understand the needs of different clients and have staff that are trained and ready for all challenges.


Our staff are trained on a variety of Housing Management functions including Safeguarding Awareness, Lone Working, Conflict Resolution as well as industry based requirements e.g. CDM regulations, Asbestos Awareness, Smoke Alarm regulations, Health & Safety at Work etc. Employees of KSS Constructions Group Ltd have vast experience of working with social housing tenants and are extremely sensitive with vulnerable tenants.


We have vast experience of working with Registered Social Landlords and Local Authorities. We also have experience of working in commercial properties, public buildings as well as working in private residential properties in the most affluent areas of London. We have a strong and extensive track record in social housing solutions as well as the financial stability and capability to deliver on a large scale. Our team of diverse and experienced management have the required skills and experience to deliver better value and better quality services for the growing demands of London’s housing market.


Much of our work is in occupied homes, we specialise in carrying out a mixture of internal and external works projects such as renewal of:


  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms

  • Heating

  • Electrical rewiring

  • Windows

  • Roofs


Our project delivery teams provide a personal service to our customers and their residents. They work with our customers to shape the service required and to set the standards for successful delivery. The values we hold as a business, together with the passion of our employees, enables us to make a real difference to the homes and lives of residents.


Better Works

Better Homes

Better Communities


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